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Lisa Ké

Exciting News:

I have won the European Songwriting Award 2020 with the song “Windvlaag” !

Available on the album “Hide & Seek” 

12 beautifully crafted songs in poetic atmosphere


Hide & Seek embodies 12 heartfelt songs with acoustic instruments. Lisa sings about life’s adventures; traveling to the other side of the world as well as traveling within her soul. Songs about true friendship but also about loss and heartache.

 Lisa worked together with her friend, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jaap Berends. With his input every song becomes a poetic miniature. On the record he plays instruments like pedalsteel, mandoline, banjo and double bass. All to accompany and serve Lisa’s dreamy voice. She herself has played the flute, udu and melodica as well as acoustic guitar.

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