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I love to get on stage!

Performing in front of a crowd is mesmerizing and addictive… Whether with my own songs, my acoustic trio, or in a theatre play, it is always great fun! Do you want me to sing on your party?


Songwriting is one of my favourite things to do.

It is a way to express how I am feeling or how I feel about a situation. I also improvise a lot because it’s a very strong tool, and write music for choir and dancers.


My strenght is tuning in on what you want to learn and I’ll guide you further in your musical process.

Freedom and singing from the inside out are most important. And yes, you can learn that! I give singing lessons, as well as courses and workshops.


Whether you’d like a concert in your living room, or you see me singing at your party or wedding ceremony, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I work with great musicians in various acoustic style combinations, all suited for your occasion.


On the right you see:

> Magnolia  

> Serenade



I write songs to express myself.

Songs come to me when I’m open and ready to receive. I record the first spontaneous version and afterwards the process of really digging deep into the song starts. What is it about? What is it really about? Then the work starts of making this composition complete and awesome.

I also write songs for theatre purposes and make arrangements for choirs. I am inspired by great stories and music but also by nature, feelings and the movement of dancers.

On the left you see:

> Magnolia

> Dansstorm Oost

> Dutch Organic Choir




Singing lessons

are given on Tuesdays in my beautiful place in Arnhem. Everybody’s welcome, but my focus is the more experienced singer who can trust their basic skills.

I can teach you how to gain more freedom and sincere expression by getting into your body and singing in the moment. Or as one of my students said “…You have taught me to get out of my head, into my body, to sing straight from my heart”

If you have other questions or troubles with your voice or songwriting, let’s dive in deep. Together it’s fun!

I’d be happy to send you a pdf with information and prizes of the lessons, no strings attached.

New courses

‘Singer Songwriting inspiration’  5 lessons, Tuesday 19:45-21:00 start: 6 oktober, Arnhem                             €89

‘Vocal Freedom’  5 lessons, Tuesday 19:45-21:00 start: 17 november, Arnhem €89

I’d be happy to send you a pdf with information about the lessons, no strings attached.


can be given anytime anywhere! Circle singing & Improvisation, Vocal Expression, or a workshop made especially for the needs of your vocal group.

Please contact me for more information.